Paxoi Island

Neptune, the god of the sea was in search of a beautiful and peaceful island, away from people and other gods and in the preamble to live there with his beloved Amphitrite.

South of Corfu with his trident rang loud and formed Paxos. But he lost his trident which he found the inhabitants later, when the first settlement was formed and used by it as their emblem.

Idyllic and unspoilt island of Paxos looks like a little piece of heaven that fell to earth. The endless groves live harmoniously surrounded by turquoise waters.
Churches, monasteries, archaeological museums, museum of olive, picturesque streets, the harbor, are some elements that give color to that particular island.
Lush countryside scattered with picturesque villages, to sites with great historical and mythological interest, Paxos is the perfect place to sync with the relaxed pace and the good will of the people.

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Paxos can enjoy peace and quiet or take advantage of the opportunity for one of the organized rides around the island and choose some of the idyllic beaches of white pebbles and crystal waters.
There are many trails for hiking and one can even walk from one side of the island to the other and meet some of the fabulous and special architectural buildings on the island and, chapels, windmills and old mills.
Many coves are accessible only by foot or by boat and are a great way to explore the best parts of the coastline of the island, and are often the only way to get access to more remote beaches.

In south you can visit the Antipaxos in just 20 minutes by boat, with beach sand, turquoise waters and beautiful vineyards.
For the romantics, the bay Herimitis offers the best sunset of the Ionian Sea.
Finally, scattered tavernas offer delicious local dishes and fresh seafood cooked in olive oil produced on the island with excellent quality, and wine from their vineyards.

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